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freelance accountant

Everyone needs someone to bounce ideas off of, even the self-employed. If you don’t know any accountants you can go to for advice, you should join a professional organization. Another type of insurance you should have, but many businesses overlook, is cyber liability insurance. Hackers know that you, as an accountant, have lots of sensitive information and valuable data. As a Certified Management Accountant, you’d perform executive-level accounting, oversee departments, and analyze budgets. You can offer advice to companies and individuals to help them make strategic choices in their short- and long-term financial decisions.

I had a very specific and pressing need, and Toptal quickly matched me with the perfect person for the job. The expert produced a thoughtful and robust financial analysis that has ultimately allowed us to forecast and prioritize initiatives much more efficiently. Erik has been an extremely valuable member of our team who has tremendous breath of experience with start ups in our lifecycle phase.

Is a Freelance Accountant’s Job Stressful?

That’s why we hire professional accountants like you to help us get through tax time and beyond. In many cases, finance teams work under strict deadlines—with tax season coming immediately to mind. Ensuring each proposed candidate has familiarity with your accounting systems is essential to finding the right fit for your organization.

freelance accountant

From there, we provide ongoing support on an as-needed basis to help ensure a successful engagement. We meet your temporary staffing needs with top-tier, US-based accounting, tax, CPA, and bookkeeper talent. This allows 10 quick ways to drive organic growth you to meet client demand and grow your business at any time, while avoiding the cost and hassle of hiring permanent staff. Head to Selfgood and sign up for the ultimate self-employed business owner membership.

Freelance Accountant Resume Examples

With one of the lowest fees in the industry, Project4Hire is a great option for both freelance accountants and businesses looking to hire them. Clients can browse through Guru’s freelancer list by first selecting “Accountants” as their main category. There are dozens of subcategories to choose from, allowing users to focus their search based on specific development needs. Guru is a freelancing site that houses job listings for anything from programming and development work to administrative and secretarial duties, and yes, that includes accounting and bookkeeping. There are over 72,449 freelancers capable of performing accounting duties that can either be paid for contract work or long-term positions depending on the needs of your business. Clients look through the site’s long list of accountants and bookkeepers by using its robust filter tools to find the right fit.

  • Although there’s the potential for high earnings, it takes time to build your client base, and some clients expect to pay freelancers a low fee.
  • Some business owners who wish to manage their accounting hire bookkeepers to handle the administrative tasks of accounting.
  • This means you’ll be able to find accountants for a variety of different projects at varying tenures.
  • If you’re thinking about going freelance and setting up your own limited company, or have already done so, the thought of managing the financial side of things may seem daunting.

After all, freelance accountants are in demand, and you get the flexibility of setting your own hours and choosing which clients to work with. Cloud-based accounting software also lets you streamline tasks and work from anywhere. An affinity with numbers is obviously the main requirement for a freelance accounting career, but the more qualifications you have, the more marketable you become.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Freelance Accountants

It is rare to find a part-time consultant who makes you feel like he/she is genuinely invested in the success of your company. William is a trusted finance and business leader for small and mid-market companies in a wide array of industries. Juba is the founder of angioClast, a Cambridge-based biotech startup focused on cancer research.

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This often includes write-up work such as account reconciliations, day-to-day assistance posting transactions, managing bill payments, providing reports, and advising on business growth. It’s much easier to work with clients when you can both log into their account at the same time. It’ll help you answer questions in context, while reducing the number of in-person meetings.

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